Where do we go for dinner Friday or lunch Saturday?

Bakerstock has no group meal event Friday evening or Saturday breakfast or lunch.

Silver Reef Casino Resort has three options for lunch and four for dinner*. The Hotel regularly sells out all 206 of its guest rooms every weekend night. We hope to have 300+ Bakerstock attendees. If one guesstimates 300ish “other” hotel guests, plus a few hundred people on the gaming floor, it is easily possible that 500-700 humans might be looking for meals at about the same time we are. Pizzanini, Panasia, and the Red River Café are the available lunch outlets within Silver Reef. Those eateries combined can seat between 150-180 people at a time. Alcoholics, even sober alkies, rarely love standing in line. Of course, you can get in your car and go somewhere else. We are offering an optional gourmet box lunch Saturday. The pre-ordered box lunches w/sodas will be available just outside the Event Center when we break for lunch Saturday. These lunches can be taken back into the meeting room, to any of the soft seating public areas in the hotel, outside to one of the covered seating areas, up to your room, anywhere you’d like. If you order a box lunch, you won’t be late for the first excellent afternoon speaker!

So there, we’ve warned you!

*We would be happy if by late October “The Buffet” will be open as a fifth choice Friday evening, but no one can predict. The Steak House is dinner option #4!